Reflection of movement

Anywhere the wind blows



The Spring 2024 collection of Aaiko is more than just style. It tells stories that link clothing to culture, that connects fashion with nature. And one collective vision by our designers was that the trends to come are driven by a specific reason.

In a world that’s constantly in motion, fashion serves as a reflection of this movement. Things like climate shifts, social movements, and how people feel impact what's in style. It's like we're flowing along with these changes. The trends of the new season are all seen in the world.

Movement lies at the heart of these trends, with looks and styles that seem to sway and shift with every step. Silhouettes are liberated, colours seem fresh, and fabrics feel airy. We’re after the feeling of lightness in the society of today.

Taking functionality beyond cargo trousers, our designers created looks that had a refreshing effect of the fact that they were made using openwork materials. These ranged from a light blouse to a fine net, and from playful cut-outs to chopped fits. You'll see military-style greens and patterns, reminding us of conflicts worldwide. But fashion takes a positive spin. Colours of the desert are seen as a new world that opens up for adventure. The collection of now shows simple, clear looks, with an excitement of the unknown.

There's a longing for escape and fantasy, like diving into a whole new world under the sea. In this new season, water steals the spotlight. Water links us all, no matter where we're from. More than a trend, it symbolizes the connection and movement in today’s world. Reflecting in shimmery fabrics, mermaid-like styles and natural colours, we invite you to immerse in a calming, yet dynamic wardrobe.

Join us on a journey through this collection that captures the movement in nature and the reflection of water. It's an escape from reality, from the ordinary—a fashion statement celebrating the endless possibilities of nature.



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Elda Stripe Blouse Blauw Elda Stripe Blouse Blauw €71,97 Read more
Alica Gilet Olive Alica Gilet Olive €71,97 Read more
Sonja Broek Olive Sonja Broek Olive €74,97 Read more
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Leryn Shimmery Jas Olive Leryn Shimmery Jas Olive €95,97 Read more
Searle Shimmery Broek Olive Searle Shimmery Broek Olive €83,97 Read more
Eloise Jurk Cream Eloise Jurk Cream €103,96 Read more
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Taciana Blouse Blauw Taciana Blouse Blauw €59,97 Read more
Hilary Broek Cream Hilary Broek Cream €77,97 Read more