History repeats in modern beat, and our new collection inspired by vintage glamour is ready for the winter season. The distinct fashion trends of years ago inspire us to this day. It's like hunting for a vintage treasure and getting inspired by all the beauty created back in the day. Often with a story or born out of the spirit of the time. We’re going big in fabric use, colours and fancy details. Shapes and materials from the past are given a new look. Close your eyes and let yourself get swept away by history. Surrounded by feathers and an overkill of glitter that dances around you, you feel the freedom of celebrating and the lavish outfits that welcome that feeling. A-line skirts, rich chiffon fabrics and hourglass silhouettes take you back to the classy and stylishly fashion period of time. Leaving the classic element behind, you’ll stumble upon wide-legged trousers and big blouses. Feeling the more free-spirited, laid-back mood with the flowers and warm colours. The new Winter ’23 collection is filled with treasures and classics in modern lines. Get inspired by the past and party in the present!

The Aaiko woman is an endless source of inspiration.

Discover our Winter '23 favourites here.